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Team Captain Toolbox

Useful Links
Team Bonding
Submission/Entry Tools
Post Tools

Welcome to [community profile] saso_lockers! You can post/comment here as much as you want to. This comm is a place for you to talk to your other captains about:
  • Team or SASO advice, tips, and/or tricks
  • General discussion about the SASO
  • Sports anime/manga discussion (just tag your spoilers)
  • Anything else! Want to play games? Want to talk about cool things that your team has done? Want to introduce yourself? Go for it.
To help you get started, the mods wrote this post full of pointers. You don't have to use any of this, but we hope it helps you. Ganbare!

Useful Links

Team Bonding

  • We strongly recommend creating a Members-only (friendslocked/f-locked) contact info post on your team comm. Then your teammates can comments with their contact info.

    Here is a meme-style template for your convenience. Just be sure to use the HTML Format style for your post, and copy-and-paste this as a new (locked) post. You can edit the text at the beginning of the post as much as you want.:

  • Friending memes can be a great way to get to know one another, too. Here's a template for your convenience (copy-and-paste to a post on your comm, being sure to use the HTML Format style and replace what's in the brackets with your team's ship!)

    Fill out the meme and chat with everyone else!

  • Having a friendly team improves your overall work and also helps to prevent people from burning out, and besides, it makes the Olympics more fun! One of the best ways to encourage friendships is through icebreakers and games.

    • Teampedia has many ideas for icebreakers and games that you can play with your team. While some of the games they have will not work for online team building, there‚Äôs enough there to more than warrant a perusal.

    • Another list of online icebreakers.

  • Another option you have is to do "warm-ups" with your team, or give your team prompts with which they can create quick little fanworks.
    • Here is a list of short prompts you can use, or you can use one of your own.
    • You might impose a 15- or 30- minute limit on the prompt in order to ensure that it's an easy and light exercise, instead of something stressful, and then they can post their pieces as comments to the warm-up post.
    • Warm-ups would enable your team to not only see what each other's work looks like, but also to leave comments and praise and get to know one another a little better.

  • Your teammates might also enjoy using icons that reflect your ship/fandom! You might receive some team icons as gifts during bonus round 0, but you can also share some sports anime icon-makers with your teammates. You can look for icons on [community profile] anime_manga, [community profile] fandom_icons and [community profile] icons, as well as on tumblr and a bunch of other places. Having icons to use might help your teammates feel more at home on Dreamwidth.

  • The mod team uses Slack to run SASO and we highly recommend it to you guys to use when managing your own teams, too. It's easy to use and has an in-browser version as well as desktop, apple, and android apps to keep you always in touch. What's best about it is that you can integrate google docs and calendars into the service, as well as have multiple subchats for specific topics (for example main round 1 and main round 2).

  • Other alternatives are Discord, Skype, Line, or even twitter. You may also want to consider using a multi-chat client, such as Pidgin or Trillian, or an IRC channel on Mibbit or Tinychat.

    If none of these work out for your team, you can always keep your discussion and socialization on your team's Dreamwidth comm. The comm is particularly useful if there are large time zone differences among the members of your team, since it gives people more time to respond.

  • Submission Entry Tools

    Recommended image uploading services: PostImage, Photobucket (remember to maintain anonymity), TinyPic

    Pixlr - an online (no download necessary) image editing program.

    GIMP - Despite its unfortunate name, GIMP is an excellent free image editing program.

    Ren:Py - A visual novel engine.

    Lost and Taken - A collection of high resolution textures.

    Font Squirrel, Lost Type Foundry, and League of Moveable Type - Free high quality font resources! They're all hand-picked or created by professional graphic designers.

    Icon-Extras - A resource for icon tutorials and the like. Also features textures, brushes, bases etc. that are particularly good for icons (rather than the all-purpose textures at Lost and Taken).

    Post Tools

    or: ways to make your team captain posts eye-catching, pretty, and possibly ridiculous

    If you have any other links, resources, or general ideas regarding ANY of these areas, leave them in the comments and we'll add them to the main post!